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You have options. We get it. From big home remodeling conglomerates where you’re just a number (and quite often the wrong number), to the one-person contractor (who’s really a glorified handyman), to someone perhaps you found on social media (then lost him just as fast)... you have options when it comes to finding a reputable and reliable home remodeler or tile installer who takes YOUR job seriously.  


Simply, we approach YOUR job as if it's our ONLY job. Why? Because if we don't provide you with complete 100% satisfaction, then it just may be our ONLY job!! We fully realize that when you place your trust in us, we must deliver to meet and exceed your expectations. 


Here are six differences that sets us apart.  


Bottom line is we have 15 years of experience in Southwest Florida renovating homes; installing tile, granite, stone, marble, and flooring. Our 'artfully and expertly installed' approach isn't a sell line, but rather a commitment to the way we will approach your job. Our experience allows us to forecast and predict potential issues, and address them before, not after the installation.


We respect your home environment. We won't drag debris into your space. We won't mark your walls, floors, cabinetry, furniture or any part of your space. Simply, we won't make a mess; we won't leave a mess. We are clean, respectful renovators and installers. Magic Surfaces is fully licensed and insured, so you can feel comfortable you're dealing with pros. 


We wouldn't be here after more than 15 years if we didn't place a strong emphasis on customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.  If you think you may be seeing a trend here, it's not a mistake.  Our only focus is creating a stunning home environment for you, working in a respectful way, taking more pride than necessary, and making sure we meet or exceed your expectations.  


Magic Surfaces is large enough to get the work done, and get it done right. But we are also small enough to care. Creating a magical transformation for your home is our sole business. And we're pretty good at it. 

We don't do other work.  We concentrate only on the artfully and expertly renovation of your home. Period. Of course, we offer free, no obligation, written estimates, performed by our owner, not a pushy salesperson. And we manage our projects very well. We show up when we say we will; not just for estimates, but more importantly, for the actual work. 


We view your job as a masterpiece. Whether it’s a whole-home renovation, or tile and flooring, we understand our work is  a major investments for our clients, and we look at your job as a blank canvas. We truly look at our remodeling and installation in an artful way. Our mission is to fulfill your vision. Sometimes, we may take just a little longer to do your job, because we believe in doing it right. The first time.


When we say we are customer-focused, we guarantee it! Every client receives unparalleled communication before, during, and after your project. And if for some reason, we make a mistake, we'll fix it. Promptly. Clients get the personal mobile number of our owner. This way, we can make sure you're happy. If not, we'll make you happy!         

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